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Hahahaha #FirstWorldProblems

Hahahaha #FirstWorldProblems


Am I the only one that wishes that Zoe would do what Gatsby would have done and hired a hit man to take them out?!?! (Neil and Luke) Seriously, I would love to see to see that.

That’s must see television, right there…. at least to me ;)


LOL! Then I imagine Tristan volunteering to be the hitman…



The defense attorney is getting too much hate. Her JOB is to get Luke off. She’s supposed to make Zoe seem unreliable. Making Zoe look bad is her strategy for Luke to get off and to get her paycheck …

Yeah, as much as I hate to defend someone who is defending Luke, his attorney can’t really let her own personal opinions interfere with the task that she was hired to accomplish. She’s there to represent Luke and to win and that’s it.

Everything that comes out of her mouth makes me rage inside, and if I were her I don’t think I would be able to sleep at night, but at the end of the day, it’s just her job.


Degrassi Logic: Two of your students go missing in the woods for hours on a class trip? They’re probably ok, I won’t bother looking for them.

It’s all part of Perino’s master plan to get rid of Drew

I understand why Clare was upset with Becky but here's the problem Does Becky doesn't know Darcy. Becky probably does not know about Clare's sexual assault.. Thats why a few fans are a bit angry. If Clare told Becky about at it to Becky then these fans would have let that go. This is not coming from me but other fans.

That point is completely irrelevant though.  Becky doesn’t need to know Clare or Darcy’s past, so take that out of the equation. Think of it in simpler terms: a guy has sexually assaulted a female. People know this. Becky’s poorly-worded statements came off as if she was defending Luke’s actions.  Defending a rapist just doesn’t fly, no matter who he is in relation to you or how you spin it.

Notice that virtually no Degrassi fan has said anything since Unbelievable that would attempt to paint Luke in a positive light. Because trying to defend his actions or trying to show sympathy toward him publicly would result in said fan getting their ass ripped to shreds by the rest of the online community, as Clare did to Becky in that moment (to a lesser extent).

Clare was harsh with Becky… but can we not see where’s she’s coming from?


Her sister was raped. Felt so disgusted with herself (even though it wasn’t Darcy’s fault) and felt so low and less than human that she attempted to take her own life. Clare almost lost her sister.. cause of the rape. 

Clare was sexual harassed and won’t get justice. 

Yeah she was a little abrasive and Imogen was right to get Clare to relax a bit, but you can’t get angry at her for being solely on Zoe’s side for justice 


We as the audience know that Luke is the scum of the earth. We know he has no redeemable qualities whatsoever. But to Becky, it’s not so black and white. Luke is her brother and from the few glimpses we saw in season 12/13, not a particularly bad one. The fact that he’s done this is shocking to…

"It’s easy for us as the audience to say, “Just do the right thing. Just throw Luke under the bus because he’s guilty.” But we’re not in Becky’s shoes and few of us have been or ever will be."

As viewers we can get too wrapped up in our own point of view of the story we’re watching (a detached, third-person POV) and play judgmental armchair quarterback toward these characters who are seeing things from a completely different POV.

The idiom “easier said than done” isn’t just some phrase someone made up someday because they were bored. I could say all day that if someone breaks into my house I’m gonna grab my bat and kick their ass, but it’s easy for me to talk tough when said robber hasn’t broken in and is now pointing a loaded gun in my face. Same logic applies to Becky.


"But Adam is dead and Drew understands what it’s like to lose your brother. He’s not condoning Luke’s actions or excusing but merely sympathizing with Becky’s plight. She has a really difficult choice to make and if Drew was in her position, he would stand by Adam’s side because that’s just something he would do."

Degrassi’s doing some great stuff in terms adding a more personal dimension to the characters, and in turn making their interactions with each a bit more complex.  There’s a specific reason Drew was the one talking to Becky in that scene, and it’s the same reason he will be the one who searches for Becky when she goes missing in Thunderstruck.  It’s a shame though that viewers are still wired to simply look at things from a right/wrong or good/bad standpoint when the world is primarily some bizarre, gray-area combo of both.

Do you think Believe (pt 2) will be a reward continuity-wise? We've already seen Vince (and Jennifer a few eps ago), and assuming Zoe attempts suicide, I can see Maya outright telling Zoe what happened with Cam, as well as [possibly] Clare mentioning Darcy's suicide attempt after she was raped. I'm not going to say that these things will definitely happen, obviously, but it seems that they've been trying harder continuity-wise and I wouldn't be surprised if these things occur in part 2.

I’d really like to see Maya help Zoë through this situation emotionally, especially given that Zoë’s closest female friends (Frankie and Keisha) are so young and uneducated about the gravity of what’s happening.  I could definitely see Maya mentioning Cam if she were to stumble upon Zoë trying to take a handful of pills.

Clare hasn’t really been involved with the situation besides interjecting commentary in Part 1 as well as Unbelievable.  If she were to have a conversation with Zoë I think she’s more likely to mention the time Asher tried to assault her instead of Darcy’s rape and suicide attempt.

I do agree the show has been trying much harder continuity wise. Just today before the episode aired I saw someone complain about how no one on the show mentions Adam anymore, and then like clockwork the episode is on and there’s Becky and Drew mentioning him in a conversation lol.


Watching this degrassi makes me so upset.
How could that lawyer even look Zoe in the eye and told her she’s lying about being assaulted makes me cringe.
And the fact that this shit ACTUALLY HAPPENS in the world is even fucking worse.


okay one last point, if zoe loses the trial BECAUSE of the bakers i will flip shit, heads will roll. if that’s the reason that’ll piss me off. 

also stg if they try to say that nothing happened to her because she was intoxicated. 

i want luke baker to go to prison. him and his stupid friend! they will pay for hurting my fave. i will accept nothing less. if becky doesn’t do the right thing, which obviously isn’t rallying with her brother and her twisted parents so help me god.

I’m not sure if I’m in denial, but I’m just not seeing how Zoë losing the trial would work out in the long term. It would obviously be devastating to Zoë (which they can continue to explore), and they could ride the “Becky feels guilty” train for a while, but at that point what do they do with Luke?  It feels weird because they’ve barely used his character to begin with, so you’ve got this minor character at Degrassi who’s just been acquitted of sexually assaulting a fellow student now lurking around the halls until graduation.

I’m still of the frame of mind that because he was familiar yet only partially developed, Degrassi decided he was the best option in terms of someone that could be convicted without it being a major character or complete stranger.


I love how the trial is one event but it’s carrying two different characters’ plots forward, both of which are going to be tough to watch. I’m cheering for both Zoe and Becky. In the one promo, we saw that Becky knows she’s faced with either choosing to do what will make her family hate her, or…

Your first sentence leads me to point out that despite how anyone might feel about season 13, this show has taken some strides to address some common complaints fans have in terms of the show’s storytelling.

One of those is extending storylines. Read through the Degrassi tag here on tumblr and you’ll often see the generic complaint about how the show wraps up every plot in 2 episodes, and the arguments blatantly disregard acknowledging any instance where Degrassi’s put forth the effort to do things right in season 13.

It’s not perfect by any means, but there’s more continuity and references (stated and implied) that show past events still have an effect on the characters. Becky may not mention Adam nowadays, but in the same breath we know for a fact Cam’s s12 death still has an impact on Maya. Clare’s cancer storyline wrapped up the hospital portion very quickly and that was disappointing, but we saw chemo brain down the road and how that played directly into her situation with Drew and Eli (plus keeping her in the hospital for longer than the summer = missed school time = getting held back = Clare being on the show for an extra season or two).  Characters’ personal issues are now bleeding into their simple interactions with other characters.

And don’t forget the show spent half of this 40-episode season setting up and dealing with Alli’s abusive relationship. Drew’s story arch is still the same personal struggle he’s had since the moment Bianca nominated him to be school president in season 12. As we’ll see tonight neither the sexual assault nor Zig’s gang plot are over (though it was very easy for us to assume Zig’s was after Maya got Zig help).  Tristan and Yates’ plot was left open ended; there was literally no resolution, so excluding any production or scheduling issues there’s no reason to believe Yates won’t return in season 14.  We saw very early in season 13 that Miles’ home life was dysfunctional, and we’ve seen more glimpses of it through him, Frankie and Hunter all season. They’ve only scratched the surface in showing us how fucked up the Hollingsworth family is.

Another thing the show is doing is hitting storylines from multiple character’s perspectives.  Since season 10 Degrassi’s gotten into the habit of creating an overall arch, sometimes for an entire block, then have characters dealing with their own various storylines within it.  The difference now is instead of it always being a school event like a dance or a play, it’s a character’s serious personal issue that’s the backdrop (i.e. Cam’s suicide for the final 10 episodes of season 12).

The fact we’re seeing both Zoë and Becky’s perspective here is fantastic, as is the various perspectives of supporting characters from Maya and Miles to Frankie and Keisha.  Some might not have liked that the first part of Zig’s gang storyline ran through Maya’s POV, but in hindsight it was no less important to see a storyline of someone helping a friend in trouble than it is to show said friend being in trouble. NOW we will see things through Zig’s perspective when it counts: the show made it seem like getting out of the gang was easy, only to have Vince return and remind us that’s not the case.