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As I was thinking about one of my favourite glee storylines I started wondering has Degrassi ever covered outing someone's sexual orientation and it's consequences? If not I would like to see one where it shows why it's wrong and the emotional violence it causes and the consequences of doing so.

Sorry I’m just now replying, I haven’t really creeped tumblr in a while!

They *almost* did it with both Marco and Riley, or at least put the element there that would’ve allowed for it to happen. Oddly enough both situations involved someone writing “fag” in a public place (Spinner in the bathroom and Owen on a bus), but ultimately nothing ever came of it in terms of Marco and Riley’s sexuality becoming public knowledge because of it.

Ooh and I just remembered the time Drew threatened to out Riley if he didn’t give up his QB1 position.

I’ve never actually known anyone or been in a situation where someone is keeping their sexuality on the low, so what do you think would be the best way for Degrassi to handle a story arch like that?  Seeing as how Degrassi (not only the actual crew at Epitome but a majority of the school’s population) is gay friendly, it’d be difficult to set up a scenario where the character’s receiving consistent backlash at Degrassi outside of a handful of bullies brought on to be aggressive homophobes.

I feel like being outed and having parents who are homophobic find out would be interesting (include the parents cutting the kid off, not just being angry for a bit then warm up to them eventually). It was presented through Tim circa season 5, but the show never did a storyline with it since at the time he was a minor character.

I have noticed that all the couples on the show are either male taller than female or the same height. But I have hardly ever seen a female taller than the male. This bothers me because some men are short and some women are tall. The man isn't always taller than the woman. I think the only time we had this storyline was with Dave and Sadie. They should have more of them. What do you think about this Kary?

I answered it over at DegrassiBlog and thank you for expanding on it over there (tumblr ask text limits are way too short lol)


But the long version is no we don’t want it to happen if it’s just to have a couple like that together or for Degrassi to use a tall female as a plot device. But yes if it’s part of a bigger story arch!

I feel like at this point Degrassi seems tame in comparison to other teen shows, and so they do things like random hook ups, and baby drama to keep the viewership and be interesting. Do you think Degrassi is beginning to lose interest because it's being swallowed by other shows? I feel like because it's been going on for so long they need to think of new ways to address teen issues but keep up with being interesting and full of drama like other shows these days, so we get finale's like this one.

What are these other teen shows you’re referring to and what are they doing that makes Degrassi look  “tame?”  This show has a track record of “going there” since season 4, long before these current teen shows on TV existed.  So I’m not sure why Degrassi would suddenly be doing everything now solely for shock value.

By not having the baby, do you mean natural like miscarriage or unnatural (aka not the body doing it but some other act by human) like abortion? I'm going with miscarriage. Alli already made the decision if she was pregnant, she would abort. Having Clare abort would be weird (no, not the religious aspect), even though she alluded to it in terms of ideas with Alli's pregnancy scare for Alli.

My money is on a miscarriage or some weird false pregnancy. The timeline is too weird for her to have the baby and I’m not convinced TeenNick would be on board with airing an abortion episode in between wacky episodes of Victorious and iCarly.

ooooops never mind that spoiler about Karis. it was from an unreliable source

Lol yeah turns out she was on set for their new Open Heart series :-p

How many more seasons do you think Degrassi will have?

To be honest, I’m not really sure. The current seniors graduating in season 14 would make a great place to end things, but I do know the show has no plans on stopping on its own anytime soon.  In the near future Bell Media would have to wanna pull the plug in order for Degrassi to end.

Regardless of when Degrassi ends, all I want is for there to be enough warning in advance that allows them to write a legit series finale.

Degrassi 13 Seasons Best-Worst


This is my opinion, and it’s 100% right. 

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I don’t have time to post details at the moment, but here is my ranking of Degrassi’s seasons. I’m not gonna lie, the middle seasons on this list (1, 13, 5, 7, 6 and 11) aren’t set in stone for me.

1) Season 3
2) Season 12
3) Season 4
4) Season 2
5) Season 10
6) Season 1
7) Season 13
8) Season 5
9) Season 7
10) Season 6
11) Season 11
12) Season 9
13) Season 8

I know this is gonna tear the fandom apart from within not knowing who the father is for two months (those bastards). But who do you think the father is? Drew or Eli? Because I think it's Eli. She has to be further along then they are letting on since the doctor seemed to think she already knew she was pregnant. Also Eli visited her a couple of weeks before Clare and Drew had sex. In the episode Basket Case Eli came to visit to make up for not being able to go bungee jumping with Clare.

At one point I was thinking the same thing about Eli potentially being the father, but the problem is there’s no guarantee Eclare had sex when he visited. It’d be slightly weird for them to blatantly mislead the audience into believing the baby is Drew’s, but suddenly reveal it’s Eli’s from an obscure sexual encounter.  It’s far safer to assume it’s Drew’s simply because we know for a fact they had sex.  On a side note I don’t know about anyone else, but this show has messed with my head in terms of the timeline in season 13. 

In the end I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Drew’s or Eli’s, though I’m not sure how much it matters anyway since I’m in the camp that thinks Clare won’t end up having the baby.

Starting next season on Degrassi.

Starting next season on Degrassi.



okay, it’s already hard to breathe in this room

and becky and drew’s logic is that it’s a great time to make out 

Hilarious because that makes you lose breath quicker since you’re…uh, moving really fast. There’s a reason why you pant when kissing heavily.

Shoot if I’m locked in a room with a cute girl and we think we’re about to die you’d better believe we’re making out

…or at least holding hands


watch drew try to keep the baby to name him adam

watch the baby slap him in the face at birth


What is your opinion on the spoilers that have been circulating? Have you heard anything about it?

I’ve heard things, but I’m gonna wait until Tuesday to comment on them.

But regardless of where possible spoilers come from and whether or not they’re true, I just wish the Degrassi fandom as a whole was more considerate when it comes to how we discuss things like that. People should be able to choose whether or not they see potential spoilers that might be huge, especially for episodes that haven’t aired yet.  We should be able to browse our timelines and tags without suddenly coming across things without warning.

Epitome, the networks and media outlets are bound to slip up occasionally, but fans are equally as responsible for the spread of spoilers when they decide to eagerly share things on every corner of social media with reckless abandon. I’m not against spoilers completely, I’m against people handling them without care.



Why are you trying to draw attention to my Tumblr addiction? :-P

Better tumblr than drugs, Degrassi has taught you well!